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Healing (a.k.a. Passes)

Since the beginning of times, the bestowing of hands has been one of the formulas used by people either to assist patients or to draw away bad spiritual influences. In many passages of the Bible, Jesus and His disciples bestow their hands over needed people, pleading with God to cure them. Jesus made ample use of this practice and He said that, if we wanted, we could do the same.

And then, from that time on, Man has been using this resource to alleviate, console, improve, and even cure physical and spiritual illnesses. The practice of this costume was little known before the advent of Spiritism. The phenomena of curing were shrouded in mystery and looked upon as supernatural events.

Nobody ventured, at least publicly, to explain the strange power the hands had for healing and alleviating physical and spiritual ailments. At the beginning of the Spiritist Doctrine the Higher Spirits explained all those things. They taught us that the hands served as an instrument for the projection of magnetized fluids that were donated by the operator and the spiritual fluids that were brought by the Spirits. According to the Spirits, those healing fluids were absorbed by the persons in need through their vital center (chakras), which accumulate and deliver energy and are located in the perispirit and throughout the astral body, which works like a sponge. Thus, the cures performed by Jesus and by the healers of all times were theoretically explained.

Among us, Allan Kardec followers, bestowing our hands upon a creature with the intention of alleviating its suffering, curing any illness, or simply fortifying it, is known as "pass". In the Spiritist Centers, the pass is one of the methods utilized to relief or to heal people’s sufferings. When applied with faith, the pass is capable to produce real prodigies. The objective of the pass is the equilibrium between the physical and the spiritual bodies.


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